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The Latest Kitchen Trends To Enhance Your Interior

Kitchens aren’t just a place to cook. They’re often at the centre of social events and day-to-day family life. Thus, there’s more to designing a fantastic kitchen than simply choosing worktops and appliances. The latest kitchen trends offer a wealth of opportunities to personalise your interior practically and aesthetically. They can help provide the inspiration you need to capture your individual style and enhance your design. Below we’ve put together a range of beautiful, timeless yet trendy elements you may want to consider when planning your perfect kitchen.


For many, the splashback is an extension of their worktop, but for some, it can inspire a more dramatic feature. Splashbacks make a great way to add personality and have a little fun. They also offer a fantastic opportunity to inject new life into an existing kitchen.

If colour is your thing, why not go for a vibrant glass splashback? We suggest breathing new life into this look with a satin finish, creating a luxe, contemporary version of a classic. Antique mirror splashbacks are great for reflecting light around a room, brightening up a space and making a room feel larger. A foxed pattern adds subtle detailing and a vintage feel, or you can even experiment with a smoked bronze or graphite mirror for something more unusual.

If you want to go truly bespoke, something like this unique window splashback could be perfect. Our designer Sarah worked with our clients and their builders to specify and create a seamless glass opening framed all around by the kitchen cabinetry. Blurring the boundaries between inside and out, this bespoke splashback creates a simply stunning effect.


The latest contemporary kitchen design trends are all about balancing mixed materials and contrasting styles. From the luxurious to the industrial, eclectic textures are stealing the show. Think timber, concrete, stone, slate, burnished metals, and more.

The key is establishing a sense of harmony. You can achieve this by introducing bold finishes to a clearly defined palette. Consider pairing richly textured elements with simplicity, such as white walls. It’s all about paired-back maximalism. The design featured here highlights this look with real aplomb. Real slate doors are combined with copper-oak veneered cabinets and an industrial Dekton Trilium worktop, resulting in a dramatic and bold interior.


Whatever the size of your kitchen, we all want to maximise storage. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to achieve this, from off-the-peg internals through to completely bespoke built-in cabinetry. You can even incorporate ‘secret storage’, like the example here. A bi-folding work-mounted dresser reveals a hidden TV with drawer storage below to hide remote controls, chargers and more. Hidden integrated appliances, pull-out drawers, internal mechanisms, secret bars, or pantries with worksurfaces to stow small appliances — whatever your choice, storage is crucial.


The pandemic changed our professional and home lives, and our domestic spaces have had to adapt – the kitchen is no different. As well as enjoying cooking and spending time with family, many of us have become accustomed to catching up on emails and taking calls in the kitchen. Why not embrace this new way of life with an even more versatile and hardworking kitchen diner? One example we adore is this Surrey Hills kitchen featuring a bespoke curved table booth. The bench is embedded into the client’s island to create a comfortable nook to work or eat at. Never has the idea of working been so enticing!

From breathtaking splashbacks to stylish and practical storage, taking inspiration from the latest kitchen trends is a great way to elevate your new space. Whether you’re looking for something understated and homely or minimal yet dramatic, there are plenty of ways to make these new concepts work for you. For more advice on creating your perfect kitchen, please feel free to call us on 01903 874198 or email [email protected].

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