Stunning Art Deco Kitchens

Established in 1993, at Ashley Jay, we pride ourselves on consistently staying ahead in the realm of kitchen interiors and design. Our dedication to innovation and quality is embodied in our latest offering: our new Art Deco kitchen range. This collection represents the timeless elegance and luxurious flair of Art Deco, reinventing classic styles for the modern home.

Unveiling Our Elegant Art Deco Collection

We are excited to present our Art Deco Collection, a stunning embodiment of the glamour and allure characteristic of the iconic Art Deco era. This range has been meticulously designed to bridge the gap between the captivating charm of the past and the practical demands of contemporary living.

It stands as a perfect fusion of historical elegance and modern functionality, offering you an unparalleled chance to infuse your kitchen with the rich heritage of Art Deco design, blended with a touch of romantic nostalgia. Experience a kitchen space that serves your daily needs and transports you to a time of exquisite style and sophistication.

Art Deco wood kitchen

A Fusion of Bold Detailing and Luxurious Minimalism

Delve into the distinctive elegance of our Art Deco collection, where the graceful fluidity of curved edging meets the crisp, clean lines that define this timeless style. In this range, we've embraced a minimal linear aesthetic, allowing the bold details to stand out and command attention. Each piece within this collection is a carefully crafted representation of Art Deco's celebrated design principles.

Geometric patterns, a cornerstone of Art Deco, are reimagined in our collection, creating a visual harmony that is bold and captivating. These traditional patterns, along with a palette of rich, contrasting colours, transform each kitchen into a dynamic space that transcends mere functionality. The result is a kitchen that is not just a cooking area but an artistic statement, where every element, from cabinetry to worktops, is a testament to the luxury and elegance of Art Deco design.


Attention To Detail

At Ashley Jay, our commitment to detailed craftsmanship shines across all our kitchen styles and is particularly highlighted in our Art Deco-inspired designs, where every intricate detail is a celebration of our dedication to exceptional artistry. To capture the feel of Art Deco we employ ornate cornices and pelmets in our designs as a nod to the era's architectural elegance, framing cabinetry and windows with a sense of sophistication. Mirrors and metallic elements are strategically incorporated, bringing depth, light, and a luxurious feel to the space. These reflective and metallic accents, whether in subtle brass, shiny chrome, or rich gold, are key to creating the lavish spirit of the Art Deco period.

Our cabinetry showcases ridged designs, adding a unique texture and visual appeal that echoes the grandeur of Art Deco architecture, such as the Chrysler Building. This choice of styling, along with carefully selected geometric motifs, creates a harmonious blend of elegance. Each design element in our kitchens, from the grand cornices to the intricately patterned cabinets, is a testament to our commitment to quality and our passion for creating spaces that transcend mere functionality. Ashley Jay’s kitchens are designed to be artistic masterpieces, embodying the timeless beauty and distinctive charm of the Art Deco era.

Timeless Quality

Our Art Deco collection exemplifies the blend of durability and luxury, featuring high-quality materials like marble, granite, and lacquer. Marble adds classical elegance with its unique veined patterns, while granite offers robustness and sophistication for everyday kitchen use. The lacquer finishes provide a sleek, easy-to-maintain surface, enhancing the cabinetry's depth and colour.

Beyond aesthetics, we ensure functionality in every detail. High-quality metals in fixtures and fittings add to the collection's practicality and beauty. This marriage of 1920s glamour with modern design results in kitchens that are visually stunning and ergonomically efficient, built to stand the test of time both in style and utility.


Seamless Appliances

At Ashley Jay, we understand that a kitchen's success hinges on the appliances. With this in mind, our Art Deco range is crafted to balance stunning visual appeal with the practicality and comfort essential in a modern kitchen. We expertly incorporate state-of-the-art Bora appliances into our designs, ensuring they harmonise impeccably with the classic Art Deco style.

In our kitchens, these modern appliances are integrated so seamlessly that they become almost invisible, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the design while providing the latest culinary technology. Our goal is to provide a space where timeless design coexists harmoniously with the convenience of modern technology.

Glamorous Finishes To An Art Deco Kitchen

To add a touch of age-old opulence, we employ a variety of decorative accents to emulate the luxurious and romantic era of Art Deco. From golden or brass touches on your hardware, fixtures, or trimmings, we aim to bring a sense of grandeur and sophistication to your interior.

In essence, our new Art Deco range is an ode to an era renowned for its glamourous stylings, reimagined for the 21st century. It is an invitation to experience the luxury and allure of a bygone era, crafted with the excellence and vision that Ashley Jay is known for. If you are inspired by our Art Deco collection and are eager to employ a similar approach to your upcoming design project, get in touch with our expert team now.


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